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Mirror Barcode

design: Giuseppe Maurizio Scutellà
2019 collection


The wall mirror Barcode has a mirrored glass structure alternated with vertical transparent bands, of varying width, designed by Giuseppe Maurizio Scutellà, to recreate the “barcode” effect. 

What makes the Barcode mirror stand out is its versatility, given exactly for the different shapes and dimensions available. Able to free the compositional creativity, giving the environment a minimalistic but personalized effect.

available dimensions

100 x 3 x h 200 cm
90 x 3 x h 90 cm
Ø 200 x 3 cm
100 x 3 x h 200 cm
Ø 120 x 3 cm
Ø 90 x 3 cm
45 x 3 x h 90 cm


8 mm


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